This past weekend was inundated with fundraising walks and events. The weather could not have been better. The sun was shining and the supporters were out in full force with their matching team t-shirts. I participated in two walks that championed very different causes. One was a walk to end Alzheimer’s  and the other was to support animal shelters in Atlanta.


logoBoth of these events utilized social media and email campaigns to maximize support and donations. The Alzheimer’s Walk raised $444,835.55. Paws in the Park had a smaller goal of $180,000, the actual amount raised has not yet been released.

Events like these are great examples of social media’s power and ability to generate support. For example, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event sent the participants helpful hints on how to raise money for the cause. One of the proposed tactics was to use social media such as Facebook or twitter to raise money. Paws in the Park sent out a similar email. The Alzheimer’s Association even sent out a short video clip to encourage participants to spread the word. All of these actions suggest that the organizations have realized the value of social media and its necessity.