As evidenced by my most recent blog post, I am a novice at best when it comes to blogging. Sure, I can think of things to ramble on about but that doesn’t mean that I can format a picture or make my blog attractive (or functional).

Provided by: Blake Stevens

Provided by: Blake Stevens

I was recently asked if I could start a Facebook page for the agency that I am interning at. My answer was simply, no. I could probably create a page and even post statuses and pictures to it but there is much more that goes into a social media presence. I explained to the staff member that there would need tobe a social media policy in place and someone to update the page regularly. Who would be in charge of the content? Who would be responsible for monitoring the posts and answering questions? Who would (fill in the blank)? My questions were endless and the staff member soon realized that this would be much more involved process than she had time to deal with.

That is exactly why I decided to push myself out of my own bubble and take a social media course. My skills are limited and I would like to be able to use social media in the future for professional purposes. I limit my personal social media involvement and have never quite understood the appeal of posting my every thought. The fact that once it’s put on the internet it can never be undone gives me serious anxiety. But, there is no denying that having a working knowledge of how to run a social media campaign will only help me in my career. Even though I grew up using computers and smart phones there is still so much that I need to learn to be proficient in social media. Hence, the social media course.