I have an English Springer Spaniel puppy who is 8 months old. His name is Sawyer, and he is quite possibly the best looking dog in the world.

There are plenty of reasons why I am thankful for Sawyer’s unquestioning love so I will just name a few of my favorites.

1. Every time I walk in the door he acts as if I have done something spectacular. Even if I have only been away for a couple of minutes.

2. He enjoys snuggling and never complains about what I am watching on the television.

3. He is a breeze to cook for. 1 scoop of organic dog food and he is totally satisfied.

4. Sawyer prevents me from gaining untold amounts of weight. He insists on going for walks 3 times a day.

5. He has replaced my alarm clock and happens to be much more pleasant to wake up to. We wake up everyday at exactly 7 o’clock.


On the other hand Sawyer can be mischievous. The latest items he has attempted to digest would be my sticky bra (ladies will know what this is) and an entire bouquet of roses. Upon returning home from a friends rehearsal dinner I found half a sticky bra cup on the living room floor surrounded by rose petals. The other half of the bra was never recovered so one has to assume that it was made into a bedtime snack. One of these days I’m going to remember to photograph the carnage and post it on Pinterest or the dog shaming website. I can definitely relate to these dog owners frustrations! The dog shaming website is a collection of photo’s that dog owners can post with funny captions explaining what the dog has done.

 This is one of my favorites!Image